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Historical …

Around 1550, after the discovery of gunpowder, city walls lost their previous function of keeping out intruders and forming a wall of defence. This is because cannons were now able to destroy city walls. From this point on, citizens were permitted to build their houses directly against the city walls and over battlements, as is the case with this house.

The rear part of the house, along the city wall (approx. 1.50 m thick) was previously a battlement. In individual cases not only citizens, but also far-mers were permitted to retreat to the city and build their houses against the city walls. Such houses are called “Ackerburger houses”…

In 1981 the building was extensively refurbished and in 1984 it was opened as a restaurant. The building materials of wood and stone create a special atmosphere.

Antiques, pictures and bric-à-brac have been lovingly collated and give the house a rustic feel.

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Culinary enjoyment accompanies you in our Restaurant “Ackerbuerger”. We offer you Swabian cuisine and seasonal highlights. Click here to see what we have on the menu.

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Monday – Tuesday: closed

Wendsday – Sunday: 05:00 pm – 01:00 am

Kitchen open till 11:00 pm


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