Small Home-Made ”Maultaschen“ (Swabian Ravioli) in Broth with Sautéed Onions
5,80 €

Thin Strips of Herb Pancake in Beef Consommé
5,50 €

Onion Soup with a Crouton and Cheese Gratin
6,80 €

Cream of Porcini Mushroom Soup with Diced Snails
6,20 €



Starters and Light Dishes


Michou —Fine Slices of Grisons Air-Dried Beef served with a Baked Garlic and Herb Butter Baguette
14,80 €

Seven Snails —Oven-Baked with Garlic and Herb Butter
9,50 €

Ackerbuerger Snail Platter —Snails with Mushrooms in a Chive Cream Sauce
10,80 €

Prawn Platter —Greenland Prawns with Herbs in a Riesling Cream Sauce
14,80 €

Five Grilled King Prawns —with Garlic and Herb Butter served with a Baguette
25,50 €

Camembert —Baked in a Beer Batter with Fruit, Cranberries and Cream
11,80 €